Fatima Priest Book Review:

"The Evidence Is Incontrovertible"

by Father Charles Fiore

Father Fiore is a well-known lecturer, writer and pro-life activist. He is a member of the Round Table of Home School leaders and is also a member of the Home School Network.

"This book should be read by all those seriously concerned about the Faith, families, and the status of the Catholic Church in the world today," said Father Charles Fiore, well-known theologian, pro-life pioneer-activist, and writer.

"I refer to Fatima Priest by Francis Alban, a biography of Father Nicholas Gruner, who has devoted his priestly life to promoting devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Our Lady of Fatima - and to fulfilling Her request given to Sister Lucy, the last of the Fatima seers, that the Holy Father and the bishops of the universal Church consecrate Russia, by name, simultaneously in public ceremonies to Her Immaculate Heart," said Fiore.

"The evidence is incontrovertible and clearly set forth in the book, that despite claims to the contrary by some, the Consecration has not been made in the form and manner that Our Lady of Fatima specifically requested," Father Fiore said.

Saint Michael, defender of all that is good. We must pray for his help to defend Our Lady of Fatima's Apostolate and our Catholic Faith.

"Two facts underscore this," he continued.

"First of all, Pope John Paul II's own words, March 25, 1984, inviting the bishops to join with him in making the Act of Consecration, which they did not do. And secondly, Sister Lucy's testimony in a September, 1985, interview published in Spain's Sol de Fatima, that John Paul II's ‘consecrations’ of May 13, 1982, and March 25, 1984, did not fulfill the explicit conditions and directions of the Blessed Mother.

"As Sister Lucy herself said in Sol de Fatima, [the Consecration was not done as requested by Our Lady] because many bishops attached no importance to this Act," Fiore observed.

"Fatima Priest does two other essential things," Fiore noted. "It once again underscores the geopolitical reasons (Cardinal Casaroli’s so-called ostpolitik, his outreach to the Communist nations of the East when he was Vatican Secretary of State), for the silencing of Sister Lucy, and the Vatican-directed isolation of the Carmelite nun from virtually all visitors since."

"And," Fiore continued, "it gives details of the vicious lengths to which the same Vatican bureaucrats have gone in trying to discredit and disable Father Gruner and his worldwide apostolate to achieve the legitimate Consecration of Russia as Our Lady requested.

"Their attempts to destroy Gruner and his work parallel the attempts of other Cardinals and bishops to undercut and harm the work of my pro-life colleague, Father Paul Marx, OSB., and his Human Life International, and to a certain extent, the opposition to my work and the attempts to discredit me by my former Dominican brethren and the late Cardinals Cody and Bernardin. It is all too familiar - the lies, the deviousness, and the corruption."

The Most Controversial Priest in the Catholic Church Today, and the One Most Loathed by the Forces Which Are Shaping the New World Order"

by Joseph A. Ferrara, Catholic Newswire

Somewhere in the Vatican, probably in the papal apartments, there is a mysterious piece of paper which is kept under lock and key. The paper contains the text of what Catholics around the world know as the Third Secret of Fatima.

The Third Secret was written down by Sister Lucy, the last surviving seer of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. At Fatima the Virgin imparted two other Secrets which the Vatican has long since disclosed - that Russia would "spread her errors throughout the world", and that world peace could be obtained through the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which would bring about Russia's conversion to the Catholic Faith. The apparitions were confirmed by a "Miracle of the Sun" at Fatima on October 13, 1917, which was witnessed by 70,000 people, including unbelievers. Every Pope since then has accepted the Fatima apparitions as authentic and worthy of belief.  

In 1957 the Third Secret was delivered to the Vatican in a sealed envelope with the understanding that it would be disclosed to the world no later than 1960, when Sister Lucy said its meaning would become clear. But 1960 came and went, and the Secret remained under lock and key. In an unsigned press release early in 1960, the Vatican announced, to the dismay of Catholics everywhere, that the Secret would not be disclosed during the pontificate of John XXIII, who had read it, and would probably remain a secret forever. The Secret has since been read by Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger and several other highly-placed members of the Catholic hierarchy. None of them would reveal its contents.  

For the past twenty years Father Nicholas Gruner, a Canadian priest ordained in Italy, has devoted his life to unraveling the mystery of the Third Secret and promoting around the world the rest of the Message of Fatima, including the Virgin’s call for the Consecration of Russia. In the process, Father Gruner has become perhaps the most controversial priest in the Catholic Church today, and the one most loathed by the forces which are shaping the New World Order - forces which reach into the corridors of the Vatican itself.  

Fatima Priest is a chronicle of Father Gruner's life and work. But it is much, much more than a mere biography. The book is nothing short of a modern saga - unfolding as a novel unfolds, with marvelous prose that often borders on poetry. Author Francis Alban has given the Father Gruner story the scope it deserves, demonstrating that its true facts comprise a great drama which is being acted out upon a vast stage largely invisible to the workaday world.  

Alban shows the reader that to proclaim the Message of Fatima before the architects of the New World Order is a very perilous undertaking. The Virgin's call for the conversion of all men is anathema to the proponents of a worldwide humanistic brotherhood, in which the call for conversion is an insult to one's fellow man. And yet the Virgin spoke of conversion, and Her words cannot be retracted. But perhaps Her words can be buried. Therein lies the heart of the plot. 

Alban names the names and explores the motives of the men, within and without the Vatican, who seek to bury the Message of Fatima because it stands in the way of their agenda. At the very center of their attention these days is a lone Canadian priest who has had singular success in keeping the Message from being completely interred, and who has proven to be almost miraculously resilient in making it more widely known with each passing year.  

The lengths to which the anti-Fatima forces have gone in their efforts to silence Father Gruner are as comical as they are amazing. Alban is delightfully skillful in displaying the dark comedy as well as the drama of the piece. But if the Message of Fatima is to be believed - and Pope after Pope has said he believes it - the case of Father Gruner is above all a deadly serious business, for the warnings contained in the publicly known portions of the Message speak of the annihilation of nations. And many Catholics believe that the Third Secret focuses those warnings upon a failure of the upper hierarchy beginning around 1960, when the Secret was to be revealed, but was instead mysteriously suppressed.

As Alban writes: "A life founded upon truth is unshakeable. Only a loss of the truth can make us tremble." With the power of a poet, Alban has shown us that the story of "the Fatima priest" is precisely the story of a great struggle to avoid a loss of the truth - in this case, a truth confided to the world by the Mother of God Herself, confirmed by a public miracle the likes of which have never been seen in human history.

The Message of Fatima is a message of worldwide importance. Those who did not appreciate this before, even those who count themselves among Father Gruner's detractors, will understand it well if they read Fatima Priest.

"A Personal Witness to the Persecution"

by Rev. Fr. Gregorius D. Hesse, S.T.D, J.C.D (cand.), S.T.L, J.C.L
private secretary to Cardinal Stickler)

Having lived and worked in Rome for 15 years, knowing at least 30 persons involved personally, and as a personal witness to the persecution of Fathers Gruner, Kramer, et al., I can only confirm the truthfulness and accuracy of the facts presented in Francis Alban’s book, Fatima Priest.

It is shocking to see how "The Church of the New Advent" (cf. Redemptor Hominis) bothers, harasses, cheats, and persecutes only and especially those who are among the few to remain faithful to the entire Teaching of the Church, and the requests of Our Lady. This book is an absolute must for those who still believe that the Conciliar Church is really Catholic.