Fatima Priest Feedback

Readers Respond to Fatima Priest

...You must certainly be telling the truth, because why would the high-ups in the Vatican be so frightened?...Your magazine and books made available have been the most sensible ones on the Catholic faith that I have seen for some time.

Dorothy F

...What an excellent job this book does explaining Father Gruner's fight to get the full message of Fatima out. It really should be sent to every bishop in the world and then we should all pray that they would read it.

Stark M

...Many thanks for the book about Father Gruner...Of interest was the fact that Carlos Evaristo met with Cardinal Casaroli after the Sister Lucy interview. I had bought the lie that "Two Hours with Sister Lucy" proclaimed. .. So, my conclusion is that the truth is finally coming out and Father Gruner and his work will be recognized by many more bishops, and hopefully the Holy Father.

Francisco B

...Fatima Priest is truly as compelling and interesting as you said. Because I realize how important it is for every bishop and priest to read this unbiased report and because of the love I have for Our Lady I am sending my savings for this cause.

Genevieve M

...It is a compelling digest and review of the Fatima Crusader and your life. ... Your heroic faith has led you to become a victim soul and we thank God for sending you to us.

Charles B

...Fatima Priest is inspirational reading! I have, for a long time, believed that Father Gruner s mission is greatly loved and blessed by Our Lady. The book means a great deal to me.

Dorothy D

...Thank you for Fatima Priest. It is an extremely well-written book and not to say the least - it sure has opened my eyes to the politics of the Vatican. I just can’t understand why one should embrace the religious life and never realize or examine a sinful conscience!

Ann V

...It's the best book I've ever read.

Valerie N

...Thank you for all the information about the infighting going on in the Vatican. ... The struggle for power and prestige is surely evidence of a Satanic influence even within the walls of St. Peter s Church. Keep up the good fight and disregard the consequences.

Rocco M

...I have admired Father Gruner from the beginning for his undying faith and perseverance and I am sure that God will carry him in this difficult time.

Frances V

...Fatima Priest is a hard book to put down.

Elizabeth M

...I was horrified. Now I can understand why we (the Church) are being torn apart, and if it wasn't for you, many, many more of us would be in the dark. I believe it is high time that all bishops of the dioceses should be turning back to the original way of Mass and Communion, now that they know the story.

Darlene K

...I found Fatima Priest very interesting and I am certain that it will bring the truth all over the world.

Lou DN

...The book that I received is awesome. ... I cannot leave it alone and I told a priest, "Please read it and you will know the truth once and for all." I think our prayers will soon be answered because of the book.

Marie P

...The only word that I can use to describe the book is "EXCELLENT".

Catherine Z

...I am in the midst of reading the book and am most anxious to finish it. I believe Father Gruner is a true priest of Mary and I have pictured him as a present day Louis de Montfort.

Clara L

...Thank you for Fatima Priest. It has touched my heart. Below is a list of people I would like the book sent to. It will touch their hearts and the ripple will engulf.

Mary S

...I have received and read Fatima Priest and I enjoyed it very much. It really clarifies the issues and the trials Father Gruner has been going through. What I found surprising was the impact the apostolate was having on the Vatican!

Richard O