Pictured left to right, Father Pacheco, Cardinal Padiyara, Sister Lucy, Bishop Michaelappa R.I.P. and Mother Superior at the publicly distorted Sister Lucy interview of October 1992 in Fatima. Read what Father Pacheco, the official interpreter, reveals about the current publicity hoax scandalously being used by opportunists who try to discredit Sister Lucy and Our Lady of Fatima.

O.C. C. Postal,

I, Father Francisco Pacheco was invited to meet Sister Lucy of Fatima on Sunday, October 11, 1992. Because Portuguese is my native language and I also speak Italian and English, I was invited to act as the official translator for His Eminence, Anthony Cardinal Padiyara and his friend the late Bishop Francis Michaelappa. We were driven to the Carmel in Coimbra by our chauffeur Carlos Evaristo.

As I was the official translator of this meeting which lasted approximately 2 hours, I categorically do affirm that the booklet titled ‘Two Hours With Sister Lucia’ published by Carlos Evaristo contains lies and half-truths and is not to be believed. When I was first shown a copy in January 1993, I immediately contacted Carlos Evaristo and I personally told him not to publish this booklet because of the gross lies that he had put in it.

In October 1993 I met again with Cardinal Padiyara for many hours over several days. On that occasion Cardinal Padiyara absolutely confirmed to me that the letter Carlos Evaristo printed in the beginning of his booklet in fact only confirms that we did indeed meet with Sister Lucy. This letter from the Cardinal dated December 1992, was sent in response to Carlos’ allegations that some person(s) had stated that we never went to Coimbra. All the Cardinal’s letter was intended to convey is that the Cardinal, myself, Bishop Michaelappa and our driver, Carlos Evaristo, did meet with Sister Lucy.

The Cardinal again confirmed in October 1993 that his letter absolutely does not endorse the contents of the interview as recorded by Carlos Evaristo. This is clear by the simple fact that Cardinal Padiyara does not speak Portuguese and anyone who knows him knows this fact. Besides, if the Cardinal did speak Portuguese, why would he need a translator? I trust that this will end the confusion caused by Carlos Evaristo and his notorious booklet.

Father Francisco Veras Pacheco