The Editor Responds:

John, we get questions like this occasionally and share your concern that there be no misunderstanding about Father Gruner’s status. We have replied in print before proving Father Gruner’s good standing as a priest of the Catholic Church and disproving this ‘idle gossip’ slander.

In Issue No. 33 which I have sent you, you will see that Father Gruner was ordained in the Diocese of Avellino, Italy. He was incardinated by the bishop of that Diocese and is presently residing in North America with the knowledge and permission of his bishop.

Father Gruner has received blessings from various Cardinals and bishops, and this year received, as well, the Apostolic blessing of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. The Holy Father would hardly impart his Blessing to Father Gruner and his apostolic work if he were not a priest in good standing.

To be perfectly clear, John, Father Gruner has written permission and verbal permission from his bishop (given before two witnesses) to be outside his Diocese. He has had this permission in writing since l978. He has never, I repeat he has never been asked to return to his Diocese.

From time to time, he visits the Diocese and the bishop. Just recently, on January l3, l994, Father Gruner again visited his bishop in Avelino and to this date, he has never been asked to return to his Diocese. Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed or is lying.

Secondly John, those who say Father Gruner has had his priestly faculties removed are lying. This has never happened. Father Gruner says his Mass every day as is his right and on January l3, l994, in Avelino, his bishop, Bishop Antonio Forte, confirmed that Father Gruner is a Catholic priest in good standing.

Father Paul Leonard is a witness of this meeting and to these facts.

This type of smear tactic, sadly is not new to us. However, if you study the broader picture you will see the deliberate campaign to discredit and silence the full message of Our Lady of Fatima.

Since they can find nothing wrong or untrue with what Father Gruner publishes, they try to stop him by slandering his good name.

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