Dear Father Gruner,

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for Our Lady of Fatima Holy Water. The Holy Water has helped me in the past.

A few weeks ago my sister had fallen and fractured some ribs. She was in pain constantly. Then she asked me if I still had some Holy Water. I said yes and would bring some to her. She used it daily with prayers. Yesterday she phoned me and said that all the pain was gone. She is very grateful for the Holy Water.

Once again I’d like to thank you Father Gruner. You are in my prayers daily.

Felicia C., Park RidgeIl.


Dear Father Gruner,

We just received your latest issue of The Fatima Crusader magazine, and after reading several of the articles I just had to write you to let you know that my own family is behind you 100 per cent. I’m sure that there are thousands of other families who feel the same way that we do — so very grateful to you for your perseverance in this battle. Where would we all be by now (even long before this!) had you not continued your fight to bring us the whole truth about Fatima?

Enclosed is a small contribution towards your Apostolate. I recently sent another check in the same amount to your Constable, New York office, and have pledged to continue sending a certain amount each month. But it seems like nothing, considering your great financial need.

You and your apostolate are remembered daily in my poor prayers. Won’t you please keep my intentions (enclosed) in yours?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Ruth W., Fort WorthTX


Dear Father Gruner,

Your thoughtfulness in sending me a copy of The Whole Truth About Fatima is very much appreciated. So very many things are happening in our country and in the world, a person really finds it difficult to keep up to date on all the issues unless persons like yourself think of others. Thank you very much for going out of your way to be of assistance. God bless you in your work.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Leonard Oliver,
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of WashingtonD.C.


Dear Reverend Father Gruner,

I was very happy about your enlightened initiative on The International Fatima Rosary Crusade. I have been absent for a very long time from Garobadha for a long stay in hospital and long convalescence.

Now only on my correspondence littered office table do I find your second letter.

I am enclosing my very willing written intention to join the Holy Father in consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am writing to send UD$100.00/ to help you in your Holy Campaign.

With all sincere good wishes and in union of prayer for the success of your God inspired initiative.

Very sincerely yours in Our Lady,

Bishop Orestes Marengo
Titular Bishop of Arsacal, Meghalaya, India


Dear Fathers,

Warm greetings and salutations in J.M.J from Medan on this Feast of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

This is to let you know that I have received “The Third Secret” safe and sound as you had expected when you sent the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. THANKS a lot for your kind attention and generous heart and energetic activities for Evangelization, especially seen from the aspects of world salvation and the role of Our Lady of Fatima in this salvation and our responsibility to respond accordingly as reminded and asked repeatedly and fervently by Our Lady of Fatima.

I wish, and therefore I am asking for your generosity to send me also the summary of The Third Secret in English. Thanking you very much again, and expecting always our unity in prayers, love and concerns, I remain, yours fraternally in J.M.J.,

A.G.P. Datubara, Archbishop of Medan


Dear Father,

We very much appreciate your kindness in presenting us with a copy of “The Third Secret”. I can assure you, that this inspiring book is going to be put to very good use and will give a great impact to the readers. The Marian devotion is dear to me personally and to the faithful of our diocese. Just recently we have founded the Marian Shrine which gathered a lot of pilgrimages.

We do pray and preach in the way you seem to promote. We pray for you and for your wonderful work. May God bless you. United in prayers, yours in Christ,

Bishop Marian Przykucki, Chelmno, Gdanskie


Dear Father,

I am thankful that I have had the good fortune of learning about the Message of Fatima by watching the television program, Fatima: "The Moment Has Come".

Prior to seeing this program, my knowledge of Our Lady of Fatima was very limited. I have also read The Whole Truth About Fatima, and I am happy to say that I don’t think that my life will ever be the same again.

I believe that if every Catholic priest informed his parish members of the importance of the Message of Fatima and urged them to say Rosaries for the Holy Father to do the Consecration exactly as requested by Our Lady, the prayers would be answered before very long.

I pray for Father Gruner and his associates and for those who are doing something to help spread the Message of Fatima to be successful and that their work not meet with any opposition. Too much time has passed already and too much suffering has resulted already. Russia will not be Converted until it has been Consecrated to The Immaculate Heart of Mary by “the Pope in union with all the bishops of the world” at one specific day and at the same time.

Yours truly,

Christina A., SydneyNS


Dear Father Gruner,

Hello, and many thanks for your prayers and hard work. Also, thank you for the latest The Fatima Crusader which keeps us informed. It is shocking, and yet, not suprising in these times, to read and see that You were the target of satan’s attacks while in Portugal and that you sustained physical injury. Thank God and Our Lady that nothing worse happened to you.

Your informative letters/books have made us aware of the need to pray with more intensity and frequency. Daily, I am making it my priority to offer Rosaries to Our Lady for our Holy Father, Sister Lucy’s and your intentions, conversion of sinners. I pray that she will protect you and your staff from the attacks of satan’s followers.

God’s rich blessings may always be Yours.


Elvyra V., TorontoOntario


To The Catholic Transcript, HartfordCT,

I read with interest the article about an “Oct 8-12 meeting at Fatima, Portugal, on the role of Mary in achieving world peace,” reported by the Catholic News Service (CNS), by Agostino Bono, that appeared in the October 15, 1993 Catholic Transcript.

According to the article, the meeting “does not have church approval.” I believe that the Transcript unwittingly published a rather deceitful news release by the CNS.

The article of October 15, 1993 actually refers to a meeting that took place in October 1992.

The meeting was held in Fatima and was attended by 60 Catholic bishops (One cardinal, Anthony Cardinal Padiyara, Archbishop of Ernakulam, Kerala, India, attended all of the sessions of the Bishops Peace Conference that was organized by Father Gruner.)

On October 7, 1992, three bishops attending the Peace Conference were received in an audience with the then local bishop, His Excellency Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral, who lived in Leiria.

The bishop agreed to make the Bishops Peace Conference an official part of the Fatima Shrine Conference, which Bishop Alberto was hosting and which was being held concurrently with Father Gruner’s Bishops Peace Conference. Thus the Bishops Peace Conference, sponsored by Father Nicholas Gruner, received official church sanction more than one year ago.

I am scandalized to observe that an officially sanctioned Catholic press agency would deliberately and blatantly deceive its readership.


Peter K., HartfordCT


Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for the Special Issue of The Fatima Crusader. I feel it is an excellent tool for spreading the Fatima Message. However, I have reservations about sending you my financial support.

In recent Blue Army publication, it was pointed out that you are not incardinated in any diocese in North America and that the bishop who ordained you in Italy has asked you repeatedly to return, without result. I believe it also stated that your priestly faculties have been withdrawn. As such, that publication labeled you a “renegade” priest.

       The Fatima Crusader, on the other hand, states you are a Catholic priest in good standing. What is the truth?


John A. S., BradfordPA

Father Nault (right)
on Pilgrimage in India with Father Gruner and Father Machio –— a living legend in India, who feeds the poor daily. Father Machio encourages Father Gruner to pilgrimage around the world promoting love and devotion to Our Lady.