Chastity as Opposed to Birth Control

"How Can A Youth Lead A Pure Life?    
By Heeding Thy Words." 
... Psalms 118:9

The article below, in a few words, tells us how one can be chaste and pure in the married state as well as in the single state. Following this advice leads one to a happy personal and family life as well as to please God and Our Blessed Mother. Let us all be vigilant in this matter of chastity. Our Lady of Fatima warned us, "More souls go to Hell for sins of the flesh than for any other sin."

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"As appetite for food is an instinct for the preservation of the individual life, so sex appetite is ordained for the preservation of the life of the race. The birth controller satisfies passion for the sake of passion and violates the moral order established by God. St. Augustine wrote, "Relations with one's wife when conception is deliberately prevented are as unlawful and impure as the conduct of Onan who was slain."

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that it is a grave sin. "Next to murder, by which an actually existent human being is destroyed, we rank this sin by which the generation of a human being is prevented."

The Bible Teaching About Contraception

Genesis 38:10 we read, "And the Lord slew him, because he did a detestable thing." The gravity of the punishment shows the gravity of the crime, and Cornelius à Lapide remarks, "If God so punished Onan, what must He think of Christians?"

In the book of Tobias the Angel Raphael tells Tobias, "Hear me, and I will show thee who they are over whom the devil can prevail. For they who in such a manner receive matrimony as to shut God out from themselves, and from their mind, and to give themselves to their lust as the horse and the mule which hath not understanding, over them the devil hath power." (Tobias 6:16-17) (That is those who deliberately prevent conception while engaging in marital relations — as a horse and a mule cannot have offspring.)

And the prayer of Tobias is full of significance, "O Lord, Thou knowest that not for fleshly lust do I take Sara to wife, but only for the love of posterity in which Thy name may be blest." (Tobias 8:9)

St. Paul repeatedly says that the lustful and sensuous will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Such relations are justified only when the conception of children be not deliberately and artificially prevented.

The Honorable Nature of Marriage is Destroyed if it be Turned into a Merely Sensual Satisfaction

Christian marriage is a great symbol of the union between Christ and His Church. Can you imagine the Church deliberately preventing the spiritual life of grace in the souls of those whom her union with Christ should bring to God? [Just as many in the Church do not fight against contraception so these same ones do not promote Spiritual birth, baptism and missions which teach there is only one true Church.]

"Those who practice contraception violate God's law, and deprive Christ of children to redeem. And if they die in such sin they will most certainly be lost. If they say that conscience does not reproach them, then they have warped their conscience, and they will have to answer for it." Father Rumble — theologian — from Radio Replies. (Birth Prevention Quizzes question 19)

Contraception and Sterilization

It is estimated that presently about 80% of Catholics are unlawfully contracepting. Is it any wonder that "God repented that He made man"? (Genesis 6:6) Of this large number it is figured about a third have been voluntarily sterilized. What does the Church teach in this regard? From the book, Denzinger's — Sources of Catholic Dogma, the official book of Catholic theologians, it states: "To the question proposed to the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office: 'Whether direct sterilization, either perpetual or temporary, is permitted on a man or a woman,' the Most Eminent and Reverend Fathers, Doctors, and Cardinals, appointed to guard matters of faith and morals, on Thursday, the 21st day of February, 1940, have decided that the following answer must be given: 'In the negative, and indeed that it is prohibited by the law of nature, and that, in so far as it pertains to eugenic sterilization, it has already been disapproved by the decree of this Congregation, on the 21st day of March, 1931.' Pope Paul VI reaffirmed this teaching in Humanae Vitae.

In no case is one allowed a sterilization. "If there is a danger to the wife's health, then the husband is obliged to abstain and contain himself according to the natural order as he would have to do if he were not married," says Father Rumble. In the book Hell and How to Avoid Hell it states that sterilization is against the Fifth Commandment because the commandment also forbids self-mutilation of all kinds, which includes vasectomy and tubal ligation for strictly birth control purposes. "You are not your own, but are bought at a great price." (1 Corinthians 6:20)

Also, in the cases of those who use the pill or IUD, they are often-times not only contracepting, but aborting their child because these means often act as abortifacients. In this case they sacrifice their own children. "And it was not enough for them to err about the knowledge of God ... for ... they sacrifice their own children (infanticide) ... so that now they neither keep life (abortion) nor marriage undefiled." (Wisdom 14:22-24)

How To Be Pure

At Fatima, Our Lady warned that more souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason. The saints have said the same. How many Catholics go to Holy Communion? How few go to Confession? And if statistics are accurate, it seems that there is not a Eucharistic celebration in which sacrileges are not committed! Jesus wants our love but not the sacrilegious kiss of Judas. "Dost thou betray the Son of man with a kiss?" (St. Luke 22:48)

Remember the end of Judas. Our Lord revealed to St. Bridget that those who receive Holy Communion sacrilegiously, that there is not a punishment on earth severe enough to punish it sufficiently.

Father Tangen says, "How stupid can we be to choose to go to hell for all eternity for 15 minutes of unlawful sexual pleasure!"

St. Alphonsus said that "as pride filled hell with the fallen angels, so sins of the flesh fill it with the souls of men." He also said that some of the angels, remembering their former dignity, refuse even to tempt men to this shameful vice. Is it any wonder then, that "God repented that He made man"? (Genesis 6:6) "Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost." (1 Corinthians 6:19) "The temple of God. If any man defile this temple, him shall God destroy." (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)

God calls us to be "fruitful and multiply" rather than stifle and kill our offspring. St. Paul says a woman "shall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety." (1 Timothy 2:15) If we wish to save our souls, we must observe the natural order and "renounce ourselves" as Our Lord commands.

In order to do this, we must adopt the means. These means according to St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Alphonsus and the masters of the spiritual life are:

  1. Fasting, especially mortification of the eyes and the appetite. Our Lady, according to the saints, always kept Her eyes cast down, never fixing them on anyone.

  2. Avoiding the occasions of sin. St. Philip Neri said that, "in the war of the senses, cowards conquer — those who fly from dangerous occasions." "But he that loveth the danger, shall perish in it." (Ecclesiasticus 3:27)

  3. Prayer. "And as I knew" said the wise man, "that I could not otherwise be continent except God gave it ... I went to the Lord and besought Him." (Wisdom 8:21) Our Lady revealed that She acquired no virtue without effort and continual prayer.

  4. St. John of Avila used to say, "that many have conquered impure temptations by only having devotion to Her Immaculate Conception."

To these counsels we might add: Frequent Communion. St. Philip Neri used to say, "Chastity is not possible without the Eucharist."

O Mary, O most pure dove, how many are now in hell on account of this vice. Sovereign Lady, obtain for us the grace always to have recourse to Thee in our temptations and always to invoke Thee, saying, "Mary, Mary, help us. Amen."

This is a prayer of St. Alphonsus.