A Sin Against The Holy Spirit

The Message of Fatima is a prophetic message. It has been tested by the Church and found to be from God. Five Popes have publicly endorsed it and two have gone there on pilgrimage.

Furthermore, Sacred Scripture warns us: "Do not extinguish the Spirit. Do not despise prophecy. Test all things and hold fast to that which is good." (1 Thes. 5:19-22) Fatima is good. We must hold fast to it.

Our Lady wants us to do everything that we can to cause all Her requests be obeyed as soon as possible. She told us that we would be opposed, both within and outside the Church.

In the Second part of the Secret She warned us that "Russia would spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church."

In the Third part of the Secret She warned of widespread Apostasy within the Church. (For proof of this last statement, read Frère Michel's book "The Third Secret".)

But still all of us are expected, despite these obstacles, to work and pray for the obedience to all Our Lady's solemn requests. Our Lady of Fatima told us dire consequences would befall us if we did not act:

"If My requests are not granted ... entire nations will be annihilated."

"Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world (for its sins) if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation."

Many people have tried to do their part. Many millions of souls signed the IFRC pledge formula personally undertaking to pray the Rosary daily, to wear the Brown Scapular, to personally consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to do their daily duty.

Among these devotees of Our Lady, many have understood that their duty includes advising their pastors of their spiritual needs as explained by paragraph 37 of the Constitution on the Church (Vatican II) and as the new Code of Canon Law indicates (see Canon 212).

In light of this duty, in the last 13 years or so, 4,000,000, that is four million petitions for the Consecration of Russia have been received in the Vatican. In addition to this, over 400 Bishops have publicly indicated their willingness to obey Our Lady of Fatima's solemn request to Consecrate Russia at the same time as the Pope. Pope John Paul II has publicly (before 250,000 people and published in his L'Osservatore Romano) acknowledged that the Consecration of Russia has not been done.

But This Work To Get Russia Consecrated Does Not Go Unopposed.

The hoax now is perpetrated by followers of Cardinal Casaroli's policy of appeasement* of the Communists that the Consecration is done — even though the Pope publicly acknowledges that it is not done.

The Hoax continues. Just as the bogus interview of 1982 was used to discourage the public campaign for the Consecration of Russia, now the bogus interview of July 1989 of Maria Fetal (who subsequently de facto acknowledged that her testimony is not worthy of credibility) is used to advance the latest chapter in the Hoax against Fatima.

Even though we have demonstrated the falseness of all these claims — some Casaroli followers continue to perpetrate it by bogus letters from Sister Lucy. These false letters still have the effect of stopping the flood of petitions needed to get the Consecration done. These bogus letters, works of the devil (the father of lies) still impede Our Lady of Fatima's Triumph.

*Cardinal Casaroli retired December 1, 1990 but followers of his policy still continue to promote appeasement of Communist regimes.

On the same day we had several far away persons come to visit us at The Fatima Crusader office near Niagara Falls. Pictured in Father Gruner's office is the Ukranian Catholic Bishop of Toronto, Bishop Isidore Borecky, Bishop Paul Vasylyk from Ukraine and Arthur Skinner from New Zealand.

Criminal Journalism Brings Us Closer To Cruel Enslavement

As long as such baseless "evidence" is fed to the general public, the campaign to get Russia consecrated as Our Lady of Fatima solemnly requested will be hindered. Every man, woman and child in the whole world will suffer either enslavement or annihilation at the hands of Communist Russia if it is not soon consecrated. Everyone has a right to know this truth. Everyone's property, freedom and lives hang in the balance. Very many souls will be lost eternally if it is not done soon. The consequences are tremendous. Because vital information about the full Message of Fatima (particularly the absolute need we all have to obtain the Consecration of Russia as well as the full text of the 3rd Secret) is effectively withheld from the general public, awful things will befall us. One cannot imagine the extent of the terrible hardships, sufferings and deaths that will result in the near future from the irresponsible stewardship of the message of Fatima. And the disinformation, bogus interviews and half truths against Fatima will continue.

As long as Sister Lucy continues to suffer this order of silence for more than 30 years, these bogus interviews and hoax letters and false, lying witnesses will continue to confuse the public about the Consecration of Russia.

The consequences of this hoax being perpetrated on the faithful is catastrophic. Father Caillon and The Fatima Crusader have previously pointed out that to spread lies against the Consecration of Russia is a crime. The responsibility of those guilty of this criminal journalism is incalculable.

This hoax has permitted us to be dragged closer and closer to World War, (and which has already resulted in 50 million abortions per year and 25 regional wars causing over 4 million dead in the last 10 years) is all based on Sister Lucy being silenced while the appearance of her being able to speak is maintained. The world is led to believe it is on the road to peace when it rushes toward annihilation and enslavement.

Our Lady is the spouse of the Holy Spirit. He inspired and sent Her in God's name solemnly requesting the consecration of Russia and the dire consequences all of will suffer is not done. To extinguish this message of Our Lady, is to despise Our Lady and to sin against the Holy Spirit.

You Must Help Now

This state of affairs will last until either the prophecy of the "annihilation of nations" and "the enslavement of the whole world by Communist Russia" takes place or until the full truth is widely and publicly acknowledged by the Pope, Bishops and faithful that only through the exact obedience of the Pope and Bishops to the solemn request of the Queen of Heaven to Consecrate specifically Russia in a solemn public way will we be delivered from the hell on earth of Communist enslavement that awaits all of us.

You must raise your voice now. Ask for Sister Lucy to be free to speak. Circulate petitions to this effect. Send your postcards in asking for this before it is too late. Be informed. Read the Chronology of a Cover-up in this issue and get extra copies to give to your family, friends, neighbors and fellow parishioners. Take out space ads in your local newspapers and reprint them in full — put our address and our toll-free number in the ad offering free extra copies to be circulated. Ask for our "camera ready" ad copy to put in your local newspaper. Mail in the form in this magazine for these things or call us at 1-800-263-8160. Offer your help now.