The International 
Fatima Rosary Crusade

The International Fatima Rosary Crusade (IFRC) is a Roman Catholic Apostolate formed at the grass roots in response to the urgent Message of Our Lady of Fatima. It is an association of Catholic priests and lay people of the type specifically sanctioned by the New Code of Canon Law.

The founder and International Director, Father Nicholas Gruner is 46 years old and was born in Montreal, Canada. He is a graduate of McGill University with post-graduate degrees in Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

Father Gruner is a Catholic priest in good standing who was ordained at Our Lady of Good Counsel Shrine in Frigento, Italy in 1976. In 1978, he began his full-time commitment to Our Lady's Fatima Apostolate.

Since that time, Father Gruner has been exclusively promoting, preaching and lecturing in the United States, Canada and overseas on the Fatima Message which has been formally approved by the Catholic Church and five successive Popes, including Pope John Paul II.

In 1978, Father Gruner founded The Fatima Crusader magazine. In 1980, Pope John Paul II directly encouraged Father Gruner in his Fatima work and the periodical has grown from eight black-and-white pages to a 40-page full-color magazine dedicated to promoting the full Message of Our Lady of Fatima. In the ten years since its first issue, the magazine has grown from a modest circulation of 20,000 to an estimated readership today of more than one million. It is by far the largest and most influential publication on Fatima in the world.

In November 1985, to coincide with the opening of the Extraordinary Synod called by the Holy Father, the International Fatima Rosary Crusade organized and hosted the first Symposium at the Vatican specifically on the Message of Fatima. This Symposium was widely attended by many influential members of the clergy as well as by major Fatima scholars. Among those in attendance were Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, Hamish Fraser, Abbé Pierre Caillon and Professor Emilio Cristiani.

More recently, in response to Pope John Paul II's statement that "the Message of Fatima is addressed to every human being," the IFRC has begun broadcasting "Heaven's Peace Plan", a daily radio program featuring Father Gruner and guests. At the present time, the program appears on more than 43 stations in the United States and Canada and reaches a potential listening audience of more than 200 million. In May 1988, IFRC began a further expansion of its radio ministry to include regular weekly short-wave broadcasts of the program to more than 40 nations overseas.

IFRC is presently involved in expanding its outreach even further through various television and film projects. An hour-long video Fatima documentary hosted by noted actor Ricardo Montalban, and featuring Father Gruner, was completed in May 1988. Other television and video projects are in progress.

Through its publishing and book service, IFRC makes hundreds of titles available to the public. Many of the books it offers are increasingly difficult to find, such as Catholic "classics", including works by such venerable authors as St. Louis de Montfort, St. Bridget of Sweden, St. Alphonsus di Liguori and St. Francis de Sales. The works of contemporary writers are represented as well, including those of Father Vincent Miceli, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and William Walsh. Audio and video tapes and devotional items are also offered through the book service.

Father Gruner's own book World Enslavement or Peace has been published in August 1988 by IFRC's publishing arm. This will be followed by the long-awaited English translation of the first volume of Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité's monumental work The Full Truth of Fatima. Subsequent volumes will follow.

In response to Pope John Paul II's avowal that the "Message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent than ever," Father Gruner continues to preach and hear confessions in cathedrals, churches and chapels throughout the world (at the invitation of bishops and priests). As he travels with the beautiful Pilgrim Virgin Statue blessed by Pope Paul VI at Fatima in 1967, he brings Our Lady of Fatima's urgent message of warning and hope to all Catholics and others of good will.

For more information on the International Fatima Rosary Crusade, please phone 1-800-263-8160.


Feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Mother,

September 8, 1988

Respected and Dear Father Gruner,

Greetings from Gallilee. Happy Feast Day. We are thinking very much about your Reverence and your last visit to India. How successful, it was really a fine contribution to the Marian Year of Our Blessed Mother richly contributed to make the year memorable by Her visit. God Bless you dear Father and Our Mother of Fatima guide and help you with good health and all that you need to further Her Message and devotion to Her. Through The Laity we had a ROSARY campaign; a Garland of Rosaries to be sent to your Reverence to be placed at Her feet. Now that the Marian Year is over, I request you to please accept 55,000 Rosaries from the readers of The Laity. Please place this bouquet of Rosaries at the feet of Our Lady of Fatima, the readers will all be very pleased.

We hope and pray that God willing it will be possible to have you visit India next year.

Victor Kulanday,

Founder and President Emeritus, All India Laity Congress.