How 8 Men, 8 Blocks from Ground Zero
All Lived Through Hiroshima

Our Lady’s Urgent Appeal to Us in the 1980's. Now over 600,000 copies in print.

"Our Lady's Urgent Appeal" is a concise explanation of Our Lady of Fatima's message to us. It shows how Our Lady's message is more relevant to us in the 1980's than it was back in 1917. It is our only hope for peace today. This booklet gives an important insight into current events and at the same time shows the way to work on the side of God to obtain true peace of heart and lasting world-wide peace.

"Mary's Message of Fatima is still more relevant than it was 65 years ago. It is still more urgent." — Pope John Paul II at Fatima, 13 May 1982. The Pope prayed at Fatima, "From Nuclear War, Deliver us."

"The Rosary is my favorite prayer."

– Pope John Paul II

It has the Imprimatur of a Roman Catholic Bishop. It is a booklet of 32 pages on fine quality paper with 22 full-color pictures. It shows how to overcome the threat of nuclear war and bring peace to the world. It shows how to return our families and nations back to God, and away from the evils inflicted on society by atheism and materialism and lack of faith. It shows how the Message of Fatima is more relevant and urgent than ever. Simple, timely, up-to-date.


Now 2 Booklets in One!

"Our Lady's Urgent Appeal" and "Rosary Novena" Booklet
Including "How to Say the Rosary"

It now has the fifteen mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary painted in full color; each one is the same size as the above picture.