Winter 2015

Issue 113


Proclaim the Truth of Fatima and the Faith
by Coralie Graham, Editor

The longtime editor of The Fatima Crusader encourages all of us to have confidence in Jesus and Mary and never stop working to make known the Message of Fatima.

"The Message of Fatima Imposes an Obligation on the Church"
by Father Nicholas Gruner

Speaking at Our Lady's Army of Advocates conference in Chicago, Illinois in November 2014, Father Gruner quotes the words of Pope John Paul II and explains the essential and compelling nature of the Message of Fatima and the urgency of obeying Our Lady.

An Indisputable Historic Fact:
The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima

by Peter Chojnowski, Ph. D.

Dr. Chojnowski recounts how even the anti-Catholic, masonic press in Portugal was compelled to report the Miracle of the Sun as it actually occurred — a fact that should remove any doubt that Our Lady's words of truth were sealed by Heaven and must be acted upon if we are to save our world.

How Six Popes Failed To Release the 3rd Secret
by John Salza, J.D.

At the Fatima Center's Washington D.C. conference in September, Mr. Salza examines the evidence that leaves no doubt that the full text of the Third Secret has yet to be revealed and discusses the reasons — and consequences — for this extraordinary action by the Holy See.

The Momentary Triumph of Christ's Enemies
by John Vennari

The editor of Catholic Family News demonstrates how the program for the de-Christianization of the West, laid out by Communism, appears to have succeeded, but its success will be short-lived as Our Lady’s Triumph is assured.

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Gifts of the Holy Ghost

We are reminded of the importance of the Sacrament of Confirmation, which provides us with the graces that we need to stand firm in the Faith in these perilous times.

Testimonial to Father Gruner
by Miriam Gruner

Addressing those gathered at the Washington, D.C. conference, Miriam Gruner, Father Gruner's niece, talks about how much her departed uncle meant to so many people and urges all who loved him and supported him to continue the work he began.

New Light on the Consecration of Russia
by Suzanne Pearson

Fatima expert Suzanne Pearson analyzes the reasons why the Consecration of Russia has yet to be performed as Our Lady requested, pointing out that peace is simply not desired by some who have an agenda that can be achieved only through continued mayhem. And she looks at the hard fact that many simply do not believe Our Lady's words.

"They Fired Bullets and Arrows at Him"
by Chistopher Ferrara, Esq.

Well-known author of books and articles on Fatima, Mr. Ferrara pieces together the puzzle presented by the part of the Third Secret that we know. He points out that the reference to arrows being used to kill the Pope now makes sense in light of instructions issued to militant Islamists in Rome that they should learn to use "home-made bows and arrows," all in preparation for jihad in the Eternal City.

From Fatima to Washington, D.C.:
The Links in Our Lady's Rosary

by Dr. David Allen White

Speaking at our conference in Washington, D.C., Dr. White relates the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary to our lives as they are unfolding in these difficult times we are living through, and will continue to unfold in the lives of our children.

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Our Lady of Fatima Is the Answer to:
The War Against Life

by Stasia Vogel, J.D.

Pro-life attorney and valiant Catholic warrior, Stasia Vogel presents the evidence that we are under attack from demonic forces. And she exhorts us to have courage and confidence that we will ultimately triumph over these forces, for Our Lady has assured victory.

Eucharistic Heresies: The Warnings of Fatima
by Cornelia Ferreira, M. Sc.

The Fatima apparitions were preceded by the Angel of Portugal appearing to the children and offering them Holy Communion and a prayer to be recited in reparation for unbelievers. As Cornelia Ferreira demonstrates, the Eucharist is integral to the Message of Fatima, and the loss of faith in the Real Presence is at the heart of the Church's diabolical disorientation.

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