Christmas 1980

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

May the peace and joy of the Child Jesus be with you always and especially this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Thank you for your wonderful support throughout this past year. I remember you in my prayers and I shall remember you in a special way when I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during this very holy season.

Let us redouble our efforts to fulfill Our Heavenly Mother’s Message given at Fatima. Her message for the Eternal Salvation of souls is now more timely than ever. Moreover, the fulfillment of the Fatima Message is the only real hope that this troubled world has for achieving peace. Our Mother Mary lovingly awaits our more fervent response.

May we continue to spread knowledge and love of Jesus and Mary to all those around us and to every person everywhere. Please continue to pray that all our efforts to spread the message of Fatima be more blessed in the New Year.

There have been so many things to inform you about, that we have expanded this issue of The Fatima Crusader. Starting on this page are some thoughts by St. Alphonsus, about Our Lady, especially appropriate at Christ­mas time. On page 4 because of the theme of this year’s Synod in Rome, we have published the very enlightening “Letter from the Polish Bishops on The Family”. Of course we are happy to continue to bring you the continuation of Father Stephano Manelli’s popular book, Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love. And the continuation of “The Story of Fatima” is found in this issue.

We have some important news to report about the Fatima Apostolate in Canada. Last January I attended the meeting in Rome of the International Offices of the Blue Army, and now this issue ofThe Fatima Crusader has the report entitled “New Hope for the Fatima Apostolate in Canada”. Also you may be interested to read “‘Listen to Our Lady of Fatima’: Father Gruner” a report of my interview by The Catholic Register’s Associate Editor, which took place earlier this year when I was visiting schools and parishes in Southern Ontario.

As a service to all of you, we have added a supplement to this issue, informing you of good books that you may wish to have. St. John Bosco said that a great amount of good is done by one good book. Some people may not know where to find these good books so we are happy to advertise the Blue Army Center’s book service in Toronto.

Once again thank you for all your prayers, your interest and your financial support. Our Lady will reward you for all your kindness. I wish you and all your dear ones a Happy, Holy Christmas.

May God bless you and may Our Heavenly Mother keep you close to Her Divine Son.

Father Nicholas Gruner